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We had 8 years of over payments refunded as a cheque and didn't have to make any more payments for the rest of the financial year. In total we saved £1800.00.

Having read the article on Council Tax bands, I clicked onto the local valuation office and found that the houses around me were on band D. I then clicked further to register a complaint.

I received a letter explaining that when the banding was created some 15 years ago, homeowners were informed that they had 6 months in which to contest the banding. The letter went on to say that, as long as I accepted their final decision, they would look into my case and if they found an error, they would consider the case.

A week later I received a re-banding letter from E to D, but it was also backdated to May 1993! In total I received credit notes for 13 years amounting to £2700.00.

I was surprised how easy it all was!

I checked on the VOA website as suggested, I found out that my semi-detached was in band E whilst the semi-detached next door was in band D. Since the semi-detached on the other side of my house is also band D. I felt that I must have a case.

It took me three phone calls to find out who to talk to, but once I did they were indeed helpful. They explained it would take four to six weeks and that I would be notified in writing.

Within four weeks I got a letter explaining that my house was being re-banded to D. I received a cheque a few days later for £1600.00!

Many thanks for your wonderful site and information!!